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Sodium Bentonite Clay 100gr

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KOBASHI Sodium Bentonite powder


Sodium Bentonite Powder.


Colour light grey

A high grade sodium carbonate activated bentonite, milled and air classified to give a consistent fine powder.

Good to reduce oil on skin, acne and pimples, not for internal use.
Very good drawing properties. Used to draw out oils and toxins from the skin.

Swells in water to form a thixotropic gel.

Good for a poultice.

Can be added to Kobashi Shampoo, Soap or Lotion to reduce oily hair and skin conditions. Try adding 0.5gram to 1 gram (a pinch) to a 250ml bottle of Kobashi Shampoo, Soap or Lotion.

Add 2grams sodium bentonite to 50ml of water to a make a paste. More or less water to get to the desired consistency.

Provides electrical conduction properties in suspension or paste form. When bentonite becomes moist it behaves like plastic putty.

"Electrical conductivity or specific conductance measures a material's ability to conduct an electric current. It is commonly represented by the Greek letter ? (sigma), but ? (kappa) (especially in electrical engineering) or ? gamma are also occasionally used. Its SI unit is siemens per metre (S?m-1) and CGSE unit is reciprocal second (s-1)."

Source: Wikipedia

Cosmetic industry, Water treatment, civil engineering and geotechnical applications.

Can be used to plug leaks in your pond.

a high quality Argentinian natural sodium bentonite, milled and air classified
to give a consistent fine powder.

Typical Chemical Analysis
SiO2 60.61%
CaO 2.07%
Pb 9.2 ppm
Al2O3 18.42%
K2O <0.45%
As 3.3 ppm (mix with 1/3 Kaolin white clay to reduce under 3ppm)
Fe2O3 4.79%
Mn2O3 <0.06%
Cd 0.13 ppm
Na2O 3.2%
TiO2 0.47%
Hg < 0.1 ppm
MgO 2.78%
LOI 6.43%

Typical Mineralogy
Montmorillonite 88% Feldspars 5%
Gypsum 5% Quartz <2%

Other Typical Properties
Bulk Density 800 – 900 Kg/m3
Cation Exchange Capacity 77 meq/100g
Swelling Volume >29 cm3/2g
Moisture <14% by weight

Sieve Analysis
Retained on a 75µm sieve <15%

When bentonite becomes moist it behaves like plastic putty




Avoid breathing airborne dust. Clay is slippery when wet.

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