dōTERRA SPA Moisturising Bath Bar 113 g

dōTERRA SPA Moisturising Bath Bar 113 g

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The dōTERRA SPA Moisturising Bath Bar provides a one-of-a-kind feel, lather, aroma, and cleansing experience. This bath bar leaves skin feeling clean, smooth, and soft. It has a gentle foaming action that glides across the skin with ease as it thoroughly cleanses and moisturises. The invigorating scent of CPTG Bergamot and Grapefruit essential oils fills the air upon first opening the package and continues with each use. Enjoy a rich, cleansing, aromatic spa experience with dōTERRA’s natural, truly original bath bar

Primary Benefits

  • Bergamot essential oil soothes skin and provides an uplifting, yet grounding aroma.
  • Grapefruit is cleansing to the skin and has an energising scent that uplifts mood.
  • Jojoba seed oil is highly regarded in the cosmetic industry and known for its quick absorption and ability to deeply moisturise.
  • Aloe leaf juice is purifying, moisturising, soothing, and softening to the skin.
  • Vegetable-derived glycerin hydrates skin and helps retain moisture while providing a smooth application of gentle suds.

    What's Inside?

    Bergamot is the most delicate of the citrus plants, requiring a special climate and soil in order to thrive. In Greece, the unripe fruits are eaten by the spoonful as a dessert or with coffee. Bergamot is also unique among citrus oils because of its ability to be both uplifting and calming. Bergamot has been used for hundreds of years to promote calm and rejuvenate the complexion.


  • Keep next to your bath tub for easy access
  • Use with the other products in the dōTERRA SPA line for a unique, at-home spa experience
  • Apply a little wool roving to make your own DIY felted soap bar
  • Wrap in cloth and stick in a dresser drawer to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Directions for Use

Add water to bring bath bar to a rich lather. Use in the shower, bath, or at the sink. To make the bar last longer, keep dry between uses. Store at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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