doTERRA Juniper Berry Pure Essential Oil 5ml - Juniperus communis - Anahata Green LTD.

doTERRA Juniper Berry Pure Essential Oil 5ml - Juniperus communis

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Derived from a coniferous tree, Juniper Berry essential oil has a rich history of traditional uses and benefits. Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming, grounding effect. Juniper Berry oil goes well with French-inspired sauces and desserts and will give an unexpected boost to a variety of meals. Juniper Berry also acts as a natural skin toner and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.


  • Try pairing Juniper Berry with Bergamot, these two oils blend together beautifully and the Bergamot adds a calming and uplifting effect when applied topically.
  • Apply one drop to the skin to promote the appearance of healthy skin.

Directions For Use

For massage, mix 5 drops with 10 ml carrier oil. For bath, mix 5 drops with 5 ml carrier oil. For perfuming, mix 1 drop to 10 drops carrier oil.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor if pregnant or in treatment. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for at least 12 hours after applying product.

Primary Benefits

  • May be beneficial to the skin.
  • Apply one drop topically to promote a clear complexion.
  • Woody, spicy, fresh aroma.

Aromatic Description

Balsamic, clean, woody, spicy

Collection Method

Steam Distillation

Plant Part


Main Constituents

α-pinene, sabinene

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