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doTERRA Baby Collection & Baby Care Set

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A first for Europe, this collection combines favourites such as the dōTERRA Baby Diaper Cream and dōTERRA Baby Hair & Body Wash, as well as the dōTERRA Baby Lotion, which is now available for the first time. Your little one will also get the limited time offer Baby Care Set, which includes a washcloth and muslin cloth packaged in a drawstring bag. Surround your baby with softness and embrace products to foster soothing parent-baby bonds.

Please be aware that it is advisable to wash the wash cloth before use to prevent potential colour running. If the item is used without a pre-wash, any colour run experienced should rinse out after the initial wash

What's Inside?

Nurture your baby's delicate skin with the comforting properties of doTERRA baby Lotion. Clinically tested and gentle enough for sensitive skin, this lightweight formula hydrates while supporting your baby's natural moisture barrier with ingredients like shea butter and plant-derived humectants. It nourishes without irritation, leaving baby’s skin smooth and nurtured. Infused with calming essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Vanilla, doTERRA baby Lotion keeps your baby comforted and protected with every use.

Primary Benefits

  •  Developed with a comforting blend of Vanilla extract, doTERRA Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils.
  •  Raw East African Muyao Shea Butter, jojoba, fruit extracts, and other gentle humectants help to deeply hydrate the skin.
  •  Simple, mild and gentle cleansing ingredients.
  •  Tear-free.



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