Black Sage Mugwort Native American Smudge Stick 15cm

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Black sage also known as Mugwort, black Sagebrush, magical sage or even dream Weed.

* Encourage dreams and visions: Black sage is used to encourage visions  and vivid dreams. When burned during or before bedtime, this herb aids pleasant dream and a restful sleep all through the night. For these and other reasons the herb is known as an herb of inner healing and introspection

* Cleansing and purifying your space: It helps increase positive energy in your home by removing all the negative and harmful energies. Before smudging, you need to set your intentions. Make sure your mind focuses on what you want to achieve.

* Cleansing jewels and furniture: Apart from just cleansing your home or working space, Black sage can cleanse your jewelleries or furniture.

* Aromatherapy scent: Other people find Mugwort aromatherapy scent enticing. If there is a place in your home or office space that is susceptible to the foul smell, placing a sage stick will leave a refreshed scent.